What if your dad paid $900 for a full-page ad in a newspaper to find you a husband? Without your consent! See which Idaho newspaper ran the ad.

Baron Brooks lives in Salt Lake City, and says the ad that ran Saturday in the Coeur d'Alene Press looks like it's from his perspective, but it was actually created and paid for by his father who lives in Beverly Hills, CA.

Brooks says his father created it without his consent and he's totally embarrassed by it.  Um, yeah!  At least they'll have something to talk about at family dinners.  If they're still speaking.

Here are some highlights from the ad with the stipulations for the future wife:

Between the ages of 34-38 but that can be flexible.

Attractive being height and weight proportional. Ideally, you will have no children from previous marriages but that is also flexible.

Politically conservative.  "This is very important to me. If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me."

You probably are going to get more like a Midwest-type values in Idaho -- somebody who [is] more right of center than you would [find], say, in Los Angeles.

I am 5’5” and if you are 5’8” & like to wear high heels it may not work.

I would expect that if we have children you would be a stay at home mom.

Any takers?  Here's the kicker on top of a story of kickers.  The dad is pre-screening ladies in Idaho this weekend!  Arthur Brooks is apparently flying in from Beverly Hills to do face-to-face interviews this Saturday at The Coeur d'Alene Resort.  So if you're looking for a husband and you're between 34 and 38 and height and weight "proportional" and things, it sounds like a road trip is in order.  And Baron Brooks (the son) says this pre-screening event can't hurt, especially with the social media buzz that he's got going now.

This story is just weird.  But if it works, we should totally get off of Tinder and Bumble and let our dads just handle the dating crapshoot.  I'll keep you updated!