The City of Boise is coming alive for Spooky Season and we are totally here for it. Spend any time driving around town and you are bound to see all sorts of fun and festive decorations out. There are massive inflatable pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, tomb stones and more!  Even just walking into a local grocery store is enough to get you into the halloween spirit!

It's all fun and games this weekend, with Halloween coming up--but what should the public be aware of? There are all sorts of "scare tactics" online--some valid and others a little "extra" to say the least.

Here is what the City of Boise and the Boise Police Department recommend families observe:

  • Make sure that your younger children are always walking and accompanied by an adult. There will be cars on the road and you want to make sure that your little one(s) aren't getting into the wrong crowds, too.
  • It will be dark when you're out--use flashlights, reflective gear, or glow sticks.
  • If a house isn't lit up, don't bother them! Never walk into a strangers home, either.
  • Do NOT be scrambling across the street in random places, make sure that you're crossing in designated crosswalks for safety and for an extra safety step--make eye contact with drivers if you can.
  • You wouldn't run with scissors--don't run around these streets! Take your time and WALK.
  • Driveways can be danger zones--pay attention and look for cars that might be backing out.
  • Masks are great but they could be dangerous and limit your sight-- beware!
  • Have a weapon as part of your costume? Keep it safe and go with something that won't hurt someone else, even accidentally.
  • Check your child's candy before you eat it.
  • Stick to eating familiar, factory made candy.
  • Parents--be ultra parent-like and watch out for your kids and those around you!


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