What you see in the picture is a gift from the God of all things food.  Adams is THE best peanut butter and the no-stir is amazing, but I can't find the crunchy.  Can you please help me? 

I love Adams.  I prefer no-stir, no comparison.  For some reason though, finding the crunchy instead of creamy has become a bit of a challenge.  So much so in fact, I imported (and by that I mean took at extra suitcase and brought it back) 8 jars on my last trip to Portland.  Somehow, in Portland, you can find it in the stores.

Here in the Treasure Valley I'm coming up empty handed.  Have you seen this miracle food in any stores here in the Valley?  I've looked at Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Walmart, and I'm striking out.

So, can you please help me find it?  Do you also have something you're trying to track down too?  What is that?

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