Well, it would appear that Winter in Idaho isn’t quite over yet.

Earlier in the month (and last month) I was posting about Idaho’s beautiful weather, lakes, golf courses, National Forests, Spring cleaning, and the best Spring hiking trails in the Boise area — but some of those plans might be on hold for now — unless you like being in the wet and cold.

Freezing Bill Murray GIF

In which case I would ask you ... are you crazy?!

Ridge to Rivers
Ridge to Rivers | April 10, 2022

According to Ridge to Rivers, “It looks to be a wet and cold week on the trails. Lower foothills trails should be avoided unless you're using the All-Weather trails. As you get higher into the system you will find snow. Winter gear is advised for these locations. If you must get out, consider dirt roads, all weather trails, or the greenbelt today and into this week. Stay warm and dry out there!”

Yuck. So, might I recommend the Boise River Greenbelt instead! :)

attachment-RS35771_Boise Greenbelt-scr

Hey, it might still be a little chilly, windy, and cold ... but at least you'll have a perfectly paved space with no mud! Also, you're still getting your exercise and just the right dose of nature.

At least promise me this, if you ARE going to take on the cold, mud-filled trails ... at least be on your way to some awesome hot springs, yeah? Check out some easy hot springs trails below 👇

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