One of the things that people love about living in the Treasure Valley is that there are plenty of things to see. Many things will catch your eye as you drive, walk, hike, and explore the area. Many will tell you that the mountains are beautiful, and others will tell you about the wildlife. Some might say the parks are gorgeous and downtown Boise has attractive architecture. While it's true that we are blessed with beautiful surroundings, some people enjoy watching other people the most!

People-watching has become something of a sport. It is the reason that we watch reality television. Seeing celebrities live their life when they're not perfectly made up for the cameras or when they go through the same struggles that we go through makes them feel human to us. It makes us realize that they are people just like we are. Watching other reality shows that aren't based on famous people also has our attention. We like to see that we aren't alone in our thoughts, feelings, marital issues, parenting complications, problems at work, health scares, anxieties, and the ups and downs of life.

Boise has a lot of places to watch people. There are places to see people having fun and enjoying life and places to see people at lower points. There are places to watch people from many walks of life interact with each other, which often makes the very best people-watching. If you enjoy seeing people in their natural habitats, there are ten places that you will want to check out. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy some cheap, unexpected entertainment, provided by none other than the people of the Treasure Valley: You, me, our neighbors, our families, and our friends!

Boise's 10 Best Places For Guaranteed People Watching Bliss

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