We've done it again!  Boise's one of the top metro areas in the U.S. for being fit and thin.


It's National Nutrition Month and with Americans spending over $315 Billion annually on obesity related medical treatment, Wallethub has taken a look at 2016's Fattest Cities In America.  Luckily, we're on the backside of that poll.  (Pun intended)  :)


Boise ended up taking 3rd Thinnest metro area in America.  Not bad!  Here's how we break down in a number of different areas.  The higher the number, the better we're doing.


Weight Problems in Boise (1=Worst, 50=Avg.): 
  • 82nd – % of Overweight Adults
  • 61st – % of Obese Adults
  • 65th – % of Physically Inactive Adults
  • 32nd – % of Adults with High Cholesterol
  • 71st – % of Adults Eating Fewer than 1 Serving of Fruits/Vegetables per Day
  • 95th – % of Adults with Diabetes
  • 68th – % of Adults with High Blood Pressure
  • 27th – % of Overweight Teens
  • 78th – % of Obese Teens
  • 22nd – % of Overweight Children