I don't know why, but I get so sucked into this show every summer! This year, the Treasure Valley may just see a familiar face on the upcoming American Ninja Warrior Season 10.

According to KTVB, James Gomez, a student at BSU, missed the first phone call when NBC called to ask him if he'd like to be a competitor on this year's season of the obstacle course reality series.  When he picked up the second call, he gave them an emphatic "Yeah, of course I do!"  Gomez started watching the original Japanese series long before he was old enough to even be considered as a contestant. He's spent the past 10 years studying each course that's appeared on the show and looking for where obstacles might get the best of him and training for the classic obstacles like the warped wall and salmon ladder.

He'll be part of a qualifying round on Friday, but we won't know how he does until the episode airs in July.

Idaho's Past Ninjas

The Gem State's gotten a lot of face time on American Ninja Wine Warrior! In fact, we got to hang out with the Idaho's own "Wine Warrior" while we were painting wine glasses at Indian Creek Winery's "Wino Arts and Crafts."  Tammy Stowe McClure doesn't just own the Kuna winery, she sometimes uses it as her training ground for the show by working wine crates into her practice jumps.  She's competed for two years on the show!

Of course, Idaho's also been represented by Salmon's "Cowboy Ninja," Lance Pekus.  The shirtless cowboy is most well known for showing off his abs on the national TV show but also shared his family's heart breaking battle with MS.  Pekus's wife, Heather, has been fighting the disease for years but her body recently stopped responding to medications and now has to use a walker to get around and keep up with her kids.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when their family friend, Maggi, facetimed Heather during Lance's run in Stage 1 of the Vegas final since she wasn't well enough to travel to the show to support her hubby.

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