The lovable tee-retrieving dog that had been a fan favorite at Bronco games and on social media died suddenly last week at the age of 11.  But we have a feeling his memory will be very much alive this fall.

How many teams have a tee-retrieving dog?!  Usually, it's an equipment manager who runs out and grabs the tee after a kickoff, but Boise State players and fans had the pleasure of watching Kohl fetch for years.  It got to the point that we'd get mad at the TV if the cameras cut away too soon and we missed Kohl's big play, but we knew he was there.  There will only be one Cowboy Kohl and he will be missed.

KTVB said Cowboy Kohl had been spending time with his owners in Pocatello and he hadn't been feeling well.  A veterinarian discovered a cancerous tumor on his spinal column, and last Thursday, Kohl collapsed unexpectedly and couldn't walk.  He died the same day.

Boise State said this on Facebook Friday after the news broke that Cowboy Kohl had passed away:

"RIP to the goodest boi.

Cowboy Kohl, the dog famous across the world as the official tee retriever at Boise State football games and bat-dog for the Boise Hawks, passed away on Thursday. Kohl was a rescue, an inspiration to other good doggos, and a highlight for athletes and fans alike. He made more than 500 media appearances, and left a legacy – Kohl's son, Ripken, will be the Official Bat Dog for the Durham Bulls baseball team and the Tee Dog for the North Carolina State football.

Our hearts go out to the Clossons and the Positive Pets family."

How cool is that, that Ripken gets to continue Kohl's impact on the world of sports?  It would be better if Boise could have him of course, but we're happy for our friends in North Carolina too.

Kohl was all set to pass the torch to his son at the Broncos home game on September 10th, and now that he's gone, we have a sneaking suspicion that the University will do something to honor Kohl's memory at the game instead.  We'll be watching.

Meanwhile, a tee is a pretty nifty idea for a dog toy.  RIP, Cowboy Kohl.

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