Did you hear about the Boise man who is searching for his biological parents after being abandoned just after birth?  Benjamin Tevidt is hoping to find out more about his past.

He was born in Anchorage Alaska in September 1986, placed in a cardboard box, and left outside a thrift shop.  Someone called 911 reporting that a baby had been left by a donation bin at Salvation Army, and a couple teens riding by on their bikes heard cries, and found him before authorities even arrived.

Now 30 years later, this man who now calls Boise home is wanting to fill in the gaps of his story and find out more about his birth and background.

He has used DNA testing to construct some idea of what he's looking for, but he's also using media to help get word and his story out.

The Idaho Statesman did a really interesting interview with him and provide more background and photos.  You can find that HERE.

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