This isn't a surprise to you, me, and everyone else that lives in the Treasure Valley, but Boise was just named one of the top 10 "Zoom Towns" of the Pacific Northwest. We're often called a "Boom Town" with our growing population, but the term "Zoom Town" is pretty new. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, people all over the country have left the big cities. They've spent the majority of their lives there, but they have decided to find less crowded, peaceful, scenic places to call home.

The appeal of living where there are fewer people has grown quite a bit over the past year. Crowded cities all over America, where families lived on top of each other in large apartment complexes, with no places for kids to spread out and play, became hotbeds for outbreaks. Cities like Boise, while smaller, are still able to provide the same kind of shopping and entertainment many big cities offer, but with less stress and more scenery.

Because many offices closed down, businesses learned to adapt to allow more people to do their jobs from home. This allowed those employees to move anywhere they choose so long as they have good wifi and connect into team meetings on Zoom, hence the term "Zoom Town." just named "10 Great Zoom Towns for Working Remotely." All 10 of these towns are located in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to Boise, their article includes Bellingham, Washington, Benton City, Washington Seaside, Oregon, Bend, Oregon, and Sandpoint, Idaho.

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