Her reputation makes her a fascinating choice. We've got to hand it to this law firm, they definitely got our attention with their Facebook video.

Has it showed up on your newsfeed too? The way I have my settings set up on Facebook, video content won't auto-play. So when I saw Tiger King's Carole Baskin show-up in post by a local divorce law firm, I just had to push play to see what the video was about.

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After her familiar greeting, she explains that if there's anything the world knows about her it's that she "knows how to pick 'em" and sometimes things don't go as planned. From there she launches into a pitch for Idaho Divorce Law Firm's services.

Needless to say, Facebook had a field day in the comments section of the law firm's wickedly creative pitch. Several users asked if Idaho Divorce Law Firm would provide the tigers to get rid of the body. Starr claims that until this ad, she hadn't seen Carole Baskin in her timeline since she blocked her for asking if the sardine oil worked. Will just had to post the Tiger King GIF that seems appropriate for how some people feel at the end of their marriage - Joe Exotic yelling "I am never going to financially recover from this."

For those of you not familiar with Carole's "romantic" history, she's had three husbands. She was married to Michael Murdock from 1979-1987. In the docuseries, she calls Murdock extremely abusive but said she stayed in the relationship because she feared raising her daughter, Jamie, on her own. Four years after meeting her second husband, multi-millionaire Don Lewis, she eventually divorced Murdock. She and Lewis wed in 1991. By 1997 things in their marriage soured. Lewis tried to get a restraining order against his wife about two months before he disappeared forever. She was still legally married to him until he was declared legally dead in 2002.

After getting sucked into the Netflix series during the lockdown, most people agree that Carole had something to do with his disappearance. In fact, many believe that he was fed to the tigers at the couple's wildlife sanctuary after she very clearly explained that the easiest way to get a tiger to eat a human would be to cover their body in sardine oil. Others believe that she put Lewis's body through a meat grinder, similar to a stomach churning scene in Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. 

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