Idaho is special for many reasons, why not add amazing dive bars to the long list of reasons. Especially today since it is National Dive Bar Day. Yup that's a thing... National Today says, "Alcohol company Seagram’s, now owned by Diageo, founded this day to honor dive bars. They say they chose the seventh day of the seventh month for the special dive bar drink, the 7&7, which is made with Seagram’s Seven Crown and 7-Up. The company also aims to help preserve the dive bar, supporting the National Trust for Historic Preservation with various initiatives."

So long live Dive Bars. Here are some local Dive Bars worth checking out:

Pengilly's Saloon - 513 W Main St, Boise

Broadway Bar - 1712 S Broadway Ave, Boise

The Symposion - 2801 Fletcher St, Boise

Little Dutch Garden - 1910 S Owyhee St, Boise

The Navajo Room - 4900 W Emerald St, Boise

Suds Tavern - 1024 Broadway Ave, Boise

Terry's State Street Saloon - 3301 Collister Dr, Boise

The Cactus Bar - 517 W Main St, Boise

Q’s - 6570 W Fairview Ave, Boise

The Pocket - 1487 N Curtis Rd, Boise

Jim’s Alibi - 2710 Broadway Ave, Boise

Vista Uptown Bar - 813 S Vista Ave, Boise

Sam's Smokehouse And Saloon - 3395 N Five Mile Rd, Boise

Overland Bar - 3907 W Overland Rd, Boise

Fireside Tavern - 1610 N 31st St #5923, Boise

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