A few years ago, I remember being on a training run where my group was talking about what they had planned for the upcoming weekend. One of the guys in my group proudly said "I'm going to the Big Nasty!" What's the Big Nasty? It's a dirt biking event like you've never seen before!

The Big Nasty Hillclimb is coming back to New Plymouth this Thursday-Sunday. Every year motorcycles of all makes and models, from nitro Harleys to fuel-injected Yamahas try to climb hills ranging from 250 feet (the 2017 Big Nasty Small Hill) to 500 feet (the 2017 Big Nasty Big Hill.) The pros are competing for $20,000 in prize money so hopefully come from all over the world to take on the hill here in Idaho I could try to explain it all day, but it's really something you have to see to understand.

The weekend also includes a huge food court, full service bar, helicopter rides, camping, giant inflatable waterslide for the kiddos and LIVE music.  In fact, one of our favorite local bands is headlining the event on Saturday night.  Pilot Error's the only local band that my fiancé and I will actually go out of our way to see perform.  They're a classic rock cover band and you can be sure they'll play some of your favorite LITE-FM songs from Bon Jovi, Jon Mellencamp and more! Grant Webb, Simple Ruckus, Rodie & the Big Nasty Band and Dusty & the Claim Jumpers are also on the line-up this year.

If you've got a son, nephew or grandson who's super into dirt bikes and motorcycles you can't miss the Big Nasty this year! In fact, we've got your chance to win tickets.  Just click below to get in to win!

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