The People's Choice Awards show was on TV last night.   Ellen Degeneres was totally "Ellen" - loved her acceptance speech on stage and the "gift" she gave us!  And then there's the speech you didn't get to see....

I don't know if it was due to time constraints or what  (Kevin claims it's a conspiracy - these guys were cut out of the show because they aren't young and/or trendy enough) but the trophy for the  Best Actor in a Sci Fi/Fatasy show category was not given out on TV.

Not sure how or when "Supernatural" actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins were informed that their category had been scrapped from the show and there was no need for them to walk the red carpet.  However, proving a positive attitude is everything, the 2 actors (who were both nominated in the same category) created their own hotel room awards presentation last night after finding out one of them had indeed won:


I set my DVR to catch last night's show but someone else in the house must've come along and cancelled my recording so they could catch their show instead (grrr) but I did click in just in the nick of time to catch Ellen just being...well...."Ellen" accepting her humanitarian award:


Here's the FULL LIST of the 2016 People's Choice Award Winners

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