So, this morning we had a short lesson on how to "Riverdance."

"Riverdance - The 20th Anniversary Tour" opens tonight at the Morrison Center in Boise.  This morning two of the best Irish Step dancers in the world , Ciara Sexton and James Greenan,  graciously rolled out of bed looking like movie stars and joined us in the studio.   Ciara is one of those rare sophisticated people who actually looks better than her polished publicity photos, and to top it off, she also has an exquisite British accent and way of speaking.   I have to admit I was secretly relieved that Kevin didn't trot out his Lucky Charm Leprechaun accent and try to "compete" when James started speaking and rolled out his bonafide Irish brogue.

After we chatted on the air James and Ciara schooled us in the very basic steps of "The Riverdance."

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