Today is "Random Acts of Kindness Day" and I like it for a few different reasons.I think it's a fun day to think outside of our normal sphere of things that we do each day.  I also enjoy the challenge of coming up with new creative ways to make some one else's day a little brighter.  I don't think this is a day where people should feel "forced" to be kind to their circle of friends and family and even strangers.

I enjoy today because it gets people communicating and sharing ideas and gestures that can help make the world a little less stressful even for just a few moments.   A small act of kindness can give someone who is going through a particularly stressful time a little hope that things will get better.

I'll never forget the time I walked into Inner Diva for a Zumba class during a time when I was experiencing a lot of stress and was greeted with: "I'm so glad to see you!  You always make class so much more fun when you're here."  I was truly surprised at how that little statement, from my classmate Angela, lifted me up and helped brighten my mood.   So, yes I believe in Random Acts of Kindness not just today but everyday.

What ideas do you have for today and/or what Random Acts of Kindness have you experienced?

Stumped?  Here's 101 Ideas to get you started.


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