In Idaho, we do things our way. We're the most independent, unique state in the entire country. No matter how much of a tech town Boise has become, Idaho will always be known for one thing: Potatoes.

We have a truck that drives around the country showing off a giant potato. We drop a potato on New Year's Eve. We have a college football game called the Potato Bowl. We are potatoes.

As Idahoans, it's time we take a stand. If we are as proud of the potato as we claim to be, we need to showcase it the way it was meant to be showcased. I believe that there are only two acceptable ways that restaurants should prepare a potato in the state of Idaho: baked or in fry form.

One potato dish simply needs to be banned from all Gem State restaurants. Au gratin potatoes are the least Idaho way to prepare potatoes. It is made for people that don't actually like potatoes. They like cheese. This recipe originated from France, and while I find it tasty on occasion, it should be made at home with a family recipe, not on the menus of Idaho restaurants. Idaho restaurants should be experts in preparing the potato to be an example for the rest of the country for how a potato should be prepared. The au gratin potato is more of a showcase of Wisconsin than Idaho.

I know that some people call the fry the "french fry." The french fry actually came from Belgium, and I think we can all agree that we revolutionized that and can claim it as our own now.

There's no petition to sign. I'm not asking for Governor Little to sign an executive order. I think that Idahoans should police themselves on this. Do the right thing. Leave au gratin potatoes to states that don't know potatoes.

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