No other fast food restaurant has ever done it, but Arby's decided to take a risk and rock the fast food world by offering a venison burger. And apparently it's a big success so far.  I brought this up a few weeks ago, and now we learn in the places where they're testing it, they can't keep it in stock.

Grub Street says in the places where the deer meat burgers went on sale this week, they were sold out in fifteen minutes in a few places, and what was supposed to be a three-day supply in other places dwindled in a hurry.  Now, the question is does it taste unbelievably great, or is this deer-burger-scarcity because people are just curious?

The test locations are in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and other states where deer hunting is popular.  Hello!  What about Idaho?

If this venison burger thing really catches on, and they start offering it in Idaho, hunters may have a tough time keeping up with the demand.  Would you part with some of your haul to let Arby's make burgers, or would you keep it all for your own deer jerky and deer chili?  Husbands might have different answers than wives.

Deer season in Idaho runs for a few more weeks, so there's still time to stock up on all of the culinary possibilities.