It looks like some members of the Idaho Republicans are not happy with their nominee for attorney general. In a move that could be described as only in Idaho, over fifty prominent endorsed the Democratic nominee for attorney general. The group held a big event Tuesday featuring the group advocating Tom Arkoosh.

For the record, the Republican nominee, former Congressman Raul Labrador, was the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party. We will share the usual suspects' reactions; however, why would any Republican endorse their political opponents? One of the folks was a former Idaho governor.

The Big Three Idaho Republicans Telling You To Vote for A Democrat

They like Tom, they tell us why.

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Representative Dorothy Moon issued her reaction in a release: "The Republican Party held a free and fair primary, and Republicans convincingly chose their candidate for Idaho Attorney General. The Republican Party continues to enthusiastically support  Raúl Labrador. If individual Republicans have decided to support another candidate publicly, then they should reconsider whether they are Republicans."

At the time of this publication, we haven't heard from Governor Little on this topic. Please correct us if we were wrong, but we've seen no endorsement by either Governor Little for Mr. Labrador or Mr. Labrador endorsing the governor.

The Arkoosh Game Plan to Defeat Labrador

On the surface, Mr. Arkoosh will lose heavily to Mr. Labrador. The former congressman defeated a multi-term incumbent in the three-way primary. Mr. Labrador's supporters are some of the most loyal, fierce, and dedicated groups of voters. You can see the entire list of Republicans here courtesy of the Idaho Press.

How Labrador Will Respond

Idaho Political Pundits Respond to the Idaho Republican Civil War



The Idaho Democrat Converting Republicans

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