If you shop Albertsons on Broadway, you've known the new store was being built on the property and demolition on the old was underway.  Now, in addition, a name change - or change back.

You might have heard of all the amenities that the new store on the Broadway property will have.  It was to be one of the locations where Albertsons would debut their new concept called Market Street Idaho, and feature in store dining, classes, chocolate bar, pizza, ice cream bar, and a focus on fresh and healthy foods.

It will be more than twice the size of the store it's replacing, and up until a few days ago, it was going use the Market Street Idaho name, instead of Albertsons.

That felt strange to many of us.  Replacing a classic location with a beautiful store, but changing the name from the hometown Albertsons?  Evidently, company executives starting thinking the same thing.

I was really glad see an article in the Idaho Statesman this weekend, announcing that company leadership had decided to keep the store branded as Albertsons.  It just seems right, especially as they noted with the close proximity to Albertsons stadium.

Maybe it doesn't matter, but as solid as the Market Street Idaho concepts seem (and they do sound awesome), it just seems right to keep the Albertsons name intact.

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