It seemed appropriate on Valentine's Day to relate a unique love story. This is Linda's love story in her own words:

In the early 80's I was pursuing a career as a model/actress. It was tough, but on a fluke I accepted an offer to become a Playboy Playmate. My mother considered the job as a foot in the door, but this was something that was not like me. As it turned out, it was the best decision I ever made.

At this time Playboy was just starting the Playboy Channel and I was given the option of appearing in a "Day in the Life" video. My video was filmed in my small rural home town and featured my family and our horse training business, horses, dogs and my hopes for the future.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Los Angeles, a young man was sitting up late one night watching cable when my video appeared. He was attracted not just by my looks, but by my philosophy on life. He recognized my hometown as a place he'd been through before. The next day at work he told his best friend about the girl in the video and that he wanted to contact me. His friend thought he was nuts.

The following weekend he jumped in his truck and took the three hour drive to my home town. After failing to find the house where my video was filmed, he took a leap of faith and stopped at the local tack shop. He hatched a story about having a thoroughbred horse that needed training and he heard of a mother/daughter horse training team in the area. The clerk provided directions to my mom’s small horse farm.

After finding the house, he sat for a very long time trying to muster his courage. Finally deciding to go for it, he knocked on the door. From within he heard, “Come on in.” Walt gave his story to my grandfather who gave him a phone number and told him to make an appointment. When my mother and I returned, my grandfather told us a very handsome young man stopped by looking for a trainer. I thought if my grandfather believed the guy was handsome then he must be a total geek.

On the day of the geek's appointment, I overslept. I rushed to shower, threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, slicked back my wet hair, skipped makeup and drove to Mom's. When I saw Walt for the first time it was like being struck by lightening. I fell in love at first sight! He was tall with dark hair and the most amazing baby blue eyes. My next thought was how crappy I looked, typical girl.

Mom wanted to assess Walt's riding abilities so she put him on her light dapple gray, almost white, Connemara stallion. It was apparent right away that Walt was not the best rider, but I loved that this handsome man was riding a white stallion!

Walt and I talked all that day and had many things in common. When evening came and Walt was faced with the three hour drive home, I offered him the day bed in my living room. We stayed up most the night talking and he was a perfect gentleman. The next morning I gave him an envelope before he left and instructed him not to open it until he got home. Inside was one of my promotional photos on which I had written, “Dear Walt, I think I’m in love. Watch out! Love Linda.”

On our first real date Walt confessed he didn't own a horse. At that point I was so flattered he would go to such lengths to meet me I didn’t even care.

We met in August, became engaged in October and eloped to Tahoe on New Years Eve. We have now been married 31 years and he still makes my heart flutter. Thank you Heff!