Yep, I said it!  I want to lose 50 lbs by my 50th birthday in May.  It’s a big dream and I’m about to make it a reality.  How?  Jeez, of course you would ask that question.

Well, to start with I’ve joined the St. Lukes $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge.  With my registration comes a TON of support in the way of nutritional help, workout ideas and a whole community of like-minded folks right here in the Treasure Valley that are on the same quest as I am.  I’ll also be working with a trainer with Axiom Fitness and Boise Fitness Equipment.  The rest is up to me!

It’s a grand dream that I’m working toward and with the help of my family, friends and of course, YOU, I plan on realizing this dream.  After all I did walk my first marathon last Fall with a limited amount of training.  I’m a firm believer that if you set your mind to it, voice your goal, make a plan and follow it, you’ll make it!

You still have a few more days to register for the St. Luke’s $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge.  Click here for the details and I’ll see you on the Greenbelt this Spring!

All my best,