We know bills might be staring you in the face right now and if that's where the $1000 goes, we totally get it.  But what if you could blow it, and spend the entire amount on fuzzy slippers and hazelnut spread?

If there was ever a time to let loose and throw caution to the wind, this might be it.  Everyone needs an escape right now, and therefore, it's fun to dream about all of the oddball ways we could spend a thousand dollars.  It's a Netflix movie in your head right now, and it's okay to stop being practical and grounded for a bit.

5 Nutty Ways to Spend $1000

1.  Order 1000 items off of the dollar menu.  You could do this over a period of a thousand days, or buy everything at once and donate it all to healthcare workers at the hospital.  Either way, you win.

2.  Buy all new socks and underwear for the entire family.  If your family is like mine, half of the socks in the house are mismatched, there are some hiding in bedsheets and pant legs, and the rest have holes.  It's a good time to start from scratch.

3. Buy everything online that you have saved for later.  You don't have to watch items anymore to see if they'll go on sale and you don't have to talk yourself out of impulse buys.  Yes, you do need that bronze elephant statue to watch over the flowers in the front landscape bed, and now is the time to pounce.

4.  Get a professional haircutting toolset.  Our hair is growing at a record pace (because we're thinking about it) and the salons and barbershops are closed.  Since there is nowhere to go to get a fresh hairdo, it's time to take matters into our own hands and learn this craft on Youtube and take a whack at it.  Literally.  And you'll have plenty of money leftover for toilet paper and things.

5.  Have a blowout backyard party with your quarantined family.  Buy all of the water balloons, water guns, picnic staples, grilling supplies, and nerf balls that you've been thinking about but have kept on the backburner.  When the weather is nice you'll be all set to burn off a whole lot of cabin fever.

You've got the chance to win $1000 with us three times a day starting Monday, and there's a $10,000 grand prize up for grabs too.  Hit up our mobile app for all of the details.

We hope the money is a problem-solver for you, and a huge lift when you need it most.  Use it for whatever you like, but have some fun. Good luck!

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