Whether they closed in the 90s or during the pandemic, these beloved Boise restaurants will always have a little piece of our heart. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

These were the places we celebrated milestone birthdays at, had our first dates at or just could count on good food and friendly faces for those evenings where the workday sucked so much out of us that we just didn't want to cook. Looking back, it's really quite fascinating to see why some of these favorites closed.

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We put this list together after polling our audience about what Treasure Valley restaurants they missed the most. Many of them were locally owned and operated, but in the case of the chain restaurants you picked the Boise locations seemed to close after the parent company was forced into filing for bankruptcy. Some of the local shops closed up simply because the owners poured their heart and soul into their restaurants and earned a chance to relax in retirement.

With as fast as the Treasure Valley is growing, it's no surprise that most of these restaurants were quickly filled with something else. Many of them became a new restaurant. Others were remodeled into things like medical offices or demolished for apartments.

How many of these did you eat at? What memories did you build there? Did you pay attention to what they became after they closed?  Scroll down for a little trip down Memory Lane!

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