The Inn at 500 Capitol. Hyatt Place. Residence Inn. Hilton Garden Inn. Home2 Suites. There's no doubt about it. Since 2017, Downtown Boise's experienced a "room boom."

The five hotel projects brought more than 700 rooms to Downtown Boise, making it easier for guests attending things like the Big Sky Basketball tournament, conventions and Treefort Music Fest to find accommodations within walking distance of the venues. Prior to their construction, visitors were staying at hotels on Parkcenter or as far out as the Boise Spectrum.

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Seeing all these hotels go up may make some longtime Boise residents chuckle a little bit, because chances are they remember some of these vintage hotels that don't exist anymore for one reason or another. Boise's urban renewal period that took place in 1970s was especially unkind to some historic buildings. Others were converted for some other use.

Their memory has been preserved in these vintage postcards we found on eBay. How many of the hotels do YOU remember?

20 Amazing Photos of Boise Hotels From 1910-1980s

Over the past few years, Boise's experienced what they've called a "room boom." Do you like the new hotels or do you miss some of these vintage ones that used to call Downtown Boise and the surrounding area home?

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