Not many of us will deny that both Idaho and Boise have their own way of life. It's part of why we get so defensive when it comes to outsiders relocating here.

We don't like the idea of people moving here and changing the way we do things. Compared to other places in the country, we move a bit of a more laid-back pace. We really enjoy spending time outdoors whether it's hiking trails, fishing or skiing. We take a lot of pride in our local businesses and restaurants.

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It's really not until we take a trip and leave the comforts of home that we realize that we've developed some of these quirky, "only in Boise habits" from living here. How many of them do you find yourself doing?

10 Quirky Habits That People from Boise Will Never Be Able to Break

We don't know if we're born with them or develop them over time, but they're pretty much involuntary at this point!

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When you tell people that you're from Idaho, do they look at you funny and immediately follow up your introduction with a question that makes you shake your head? These are 12 of the common responses our listeners tell us they get!

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