What is behind all these stickers popping up on the 'Welcome To Idaho' sign on I-84 when driving over the pass back from the Salt Lake City area back into Boise.  The sign is about 40 minutes before you hit Burley, Idaho and you'll notice when driving by, lots of cars stopping off and lots of people taking selfies.  That's not all they're doing.  People are plastering stickers all over the sign itself and the metal poles anchored into the ground propping the sign up a good 20 feet or so.

Credit: Rick and Carly / TSM

I stopped by the sign last weekend on my way back into Boise and asked a few people what the stickers were all about.  Most of them had no idea and didn't care.  They just wanted some selfies and slapped their own sticker on before taking off.  One man gave me a story which I can honestly say that I have no idea if it's true or not.  Here's his story...

A newlywed couple had been driving for hours on a trip they'd been planning for a long time.  Their next stop was in the Glenns Ferry area to do a wine tour but the young man driving fell asleep, veere off the road, rolling their vehicle.  The couple both died at the scene of the accident.

When the young woman's father arrived he placed a sticker on the Idaho sign and said that this is a place that he'll never forget.  A place that he believes is special and that his daughter's spirit lives to this very day.  The father said he'll never forget this place and he wants others to know that it's special too.

The girl's father returns to this ame location every year on the anniversary of her death to pay his respects.  And every year he puts a new sticker on the sign.

The stickers caught on and now people driving by stop, take pictures and put their own stickers on the sign.  Most have no idea why they just know that this place is different and kind of cool.  Some people use ladders or create ways to prop themselves up high enough to actually get their sticker on the sign and not just on the poles propping it up.  That's advanced stuff because this sign is WAY up there.

Credit: Rick Dunn / TSM

I didn't have a sticker when I drove through but next time I will.  I take that route almost every week to see my family in Salt Lake City and when I'm coming back, I'll take a moment to stop, take a picture, and slap a sticker on this sign to keep tradition going and to keep the wonder and the magic alive with this unique, interesting spot in Idaho.