We're getting down to the wire! It's time to start planning the details of your trip to Tamarack Resort for The Huckleberry Jam! We're just as excited as you are - maybe even a bit more. We want everyone to be prepared to have the best experience and a smooth trip up to the mountain. HENCEFORTH - we have compiled a list of things that you'll want to know before you go.

Please! Share road updates, traffic problems, and anything else with each other via social media using the hashtag #huckleberryjam - sharing is caring and we want everyone to be in the know and have the most recent information while traveling to Tamarack.

If you're planning on driving in Saturday, be aware that from 12 noon until 12:30pm the Huckleberry Festival parade will be taking place in Donnelly. HWY 55 will be closed to traffic. Plan to arrive before or after the parade to avoid delays!

Bottom line: You're going to want to arrive as early as possible! Thursday afternoon would be your safest bet, as camping is free that night and there is a show in the campground featuring Fruition and the Shook Twins.

Janice Morin - Townsquare Media

Wristband pick-up: 
Once you get up to the festival and are ready to grab your wristband for the weekend (or the day, if you're only joining us for that time) head to the Community Campground or the RV campground and hit up Will Call. You'll need your ticket or your order confirmation email and they'll get you hooked up.  

Remember! We're up in the mountains - it gets chilly at night. We're looking at great weather during the day and some chilly temperatures in the evening. So bring a light jacket, hoodie, or something with you so you can enjoy a beautiful evening on the mountain. If you're camping, make sure to dress in layers and have enough blankets, sleeping bags, etc. to stay warm through the night!

Look how cozy these folks are because they dressed in layers! However, they're violating Huckleberry rules by having an open flame. None of that up at the Community Campground -- campingtourist.com

Any other questions about what to bring and what not to bring can be solved with this handy list we made you. If you have any additional information, please hit us up on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and follow the hashtag #huckleberryjam for updates and updates from fellow Jammers.