The year was 1990 and ‘Home Alone' was the BIGGEST film of the year. It was glorious. A child star in McCaulay Caulkin playing an 8-year-old child by the name of Kevin McAllister who took on a pair of thieves armed with a BB gun and a multitude of traps he placed around his house. He was a hero to kids everywhere. The scene where Kevin runs home and announces he’s going to defend his house was enough to make any kid run through a brick wall on Christmas morning. Suddenly every kid in America believed they could defend their home with a blowtorch and a tarantula.

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But we’re not here to talk about how Kevin McAllister could’ve left the house to call the cops or to talk about how much pain he inflicted on two grown men, armed with crowbars and (apparently) a gun. We’re here to find out if Kevin McAllister’s parents would be in legal trouble for leaving their 8-year-old “home” alone here in the real world. How old would Kevin McAllister have to have been in order to keep his parents from leaving with the “wet bandits” … in Idaho?

The McAllister parents wouldn’t have anything to worry about in the Treasure Valley. According to, the state of Idaho does not have a law restricting the age a child has to be in order to be left home alone. You better believe the McAllister parents would spend a night in the slammer if they had planted their multimillion-dollar home in states like Michigan where the age minimum to be left home alone is 10-years-old. The better question should be, why aren’t the McAllister parents answering for their crime? The state the movie supposedly takes place in is Illinois, where according to the minimum age to be left alone is 14-years-old.

Maybe we all just missed a key detail and ‘Home Alone’ actually took place in Idaho?

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