Former Patriots star found dead in his prison cell.  Was it suicide, or was he murdered?

Shockwaves hit the sports world yesterday when word spread that former New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez had killed himself in his Massachusetts prison cell.  Hernandez, who was found hanged by a bed sheet from his cell window, was serving a life-sentence in prison after being convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Initial reports came out that Hernandez had committed suicide by hanging himself.  Secondary reports started surfacing throughout the day that maybe foul play was actually involved instead.

According to numerous sources, including this one by TMZ, the biblical verse John 3:16 was written on his forehead in either blood or red marker.  If that’s true, how exactly does one write a legible verse on their own forehead?  Backwards in the mirror?  By looking into your cell-phone camera (though he wouldn’t have had a cell phone in prison)?  Doesn’t seem very reasonable.

Also, without knowing how high a typical prison-cell ceilings and windows are, how does a 6-foot-2, 245-pound man actually hang himself with a bed sheet?  10-foot ceilings seem unrealistic in prison, and windows are even closer to the floor.  It’s hard to fathom that large of a man successfully hanging, intentionally, in such a small space.

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections has launched an investigation into the death of the ex player while former teammates, family members, and Hernandez’ attorney all question the claims of it being suicide.

For someone who actually just won a court battle, and was still trying to cast doubt over his current conviction, the timing of this doesn’t seem to line up.  Just last week, Hernandez was acquitted of murdering Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in 2012 over an altercation stemming from a spilled drink in a Chicago nightclub.

Also, according to The Daily Mail, a former New England Patriots teammate spoke out saying he had doubts that Hernandez would take his own life, stating; “I am not buying it.  I’ll never believe (Aaron Hernandez) went out that way.  Yes he has emotions, but he’s not wired like that.”

Other reports claim that Hernandez had taken a synthetic marijuana just hours before his death, AND that he was in the middle of a spat with prison gang members.

Only time, and the current investigation, will tell what really happened early yesterday morning to Hernandez, but suicide seems to be lower down the list than originally thought.

However, one thing to remember is that if anybody knows how to kill someone, it’s Aaron Hernandez.

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