After weeks of sending the Treasure Valley on an emotional roller coaster, Mother Nature gave us our first dose of 90º weather for 2018! City pools and splash pads don't open until after Memorial Day, so how will you cool off?

That was the exact question my girlfriends and I asked during our craft night asked on Friday night.  I threw my freezing cold apartment complex pool out there as an option, but another one of the gals spoke up and suggested grabbing Italian ices at the Eagle Bike Park this week.  We all looked at her like she had horns growing out of her head, but turns out she was the one in the know!

Trailhead Ice IS planning to open a location at the Eagle Sports Complex this Thursday, May 3. In fact, they're planning to open four locations across the Treasure Valley.  Their second location at State & 16th also opens on Thursday.  A location for Chinden & Glenwood is also on the way.  A fourth location is in the works, but the location is TBD.

So what is Trailhead Ice all about? It's kind of like the snow cone shacks that you already see in your neighborhoods, but their frozen treats are just a little bit different. Rather than scooping up a bunch of shaved ice and dousing them with flavors, Italian ice is made through a process a little more similar to what ice cream goes through.  All of its ingredients are frozen and then blended together.  The consistency comes out more sherbet like, but without dairy or eggs.

You may have already tried Italian Ice before. There was a stand selling it at Boise Music Festival last year.  We're so glad that our friend Jodi schooled us on Trailhead at craft night and can't wait to give it a try when their stands open!

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