We survived the toilet paper and meat shortages, and now something else is disappearing that could have a big impact on your socially distanced Memorial Day weekend plans.

Doesn't it bug you when newbies suddenly discover something that we've loved all along and they take it over?  So much for our well-kept secret.  Fishing is becoming more popular than ever because people who have been cooped up for two months are discovering it's the perfect outdoor social activity for our current situation.

We get to hang out by the lake, drink fun beverages, get some sun, and if a fish ends up going home with us, great.  Otherwise, fishing is a good adventure that gets us out of the house and keeps us at least six feet away from people while we sit somewhere other than the couch.

Unfortunately for avid anglers, the new popularity is creating a shortage of fishing supplies.  Bait and tackle shops are having a hard time keeping up with demand because some of their suppliers have been temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus.  Some of the supply lines are coming back, but things like minnows take longer to get back to normal levels.  They have to be born and grow, after all.

If you've had a fishing pole and tackle box sitting in the garage for three years collecting dust, you scored.  There might be no need to run out and buy anything new.

If you've got a favorite fishing hole in the Treasure Valley you may see some new people there this weekend, vying for your spot.  But at least we're getting out of the house!  See you at Esther Simplot Pond., and don't forget to add our mobile app to your phone so you can keep an eye on the weather, and send us pictures of your big catch so we know you're not exaggerating.  Good luck.

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