This is one of those good ideas where you say to yourself "wow, if I had to the time to get this idea off the ground, I could make some crazy money!"

At some point or another, we've all laid in bed and procrastinated actually get out from other the covers by scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. That's exactly what I was doing on Wednesday morning when I stumbled upon an article about a travel company called Lapland Safaris who was looking for full time Christmas Elves! I have an elf costume. I love Christmas. You have my attention.

As a full time elf, you'd wear traditional elf clothing and welcome Lapland costumers to a winter adventure that could include anything from tobogganing and snow shoeing to skiing and snowmobiling. You would get to work some holiday magic into every moment of the customer's experience from riding the bus with them from the airport to their activity, to pouring them hot juice while tending to the fireplace and entertaining those waiting in queues with you elf antics!  They're looking for people who really could be the next Buddy the Elf, so if you're thinking about the job you'd better be ready to totally embrace the character!

Ready to apply? Well...unfortunately, Lapland is located in Finland. Womp womp.

BUT just think of what would happen if you brought this kind of idea to somewhere like Bogus Basin, Gateway Parks or even McCall's Activity Barn during Winter Carnival! If you could launch your own holiday themed adventure company, I bet you could make A TON of extra holiday cash.  I say that with confidence considering over the last month, no less than five people a day have asked me when we're launching our Christmas Music! (I can't tell you. Don't make try to force it out of me. If I spill the beans, Santa puts me on the naughty list and then none of you get Christmas music.) The Treasure Valley loves everything Christmas and would totally be down to try winter activities with a real elf!

So there's an idea for you. If you make it happen, you owe me 20% of your profits.  But don't worry, I'll roll that back into LITE-FM's Christmas Wish so that we can help some families that are down on their luck during the holiday season!

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