Your co-worker is walking around the building handing out candy canes.  Of course you say yes because you're not the office Grinch.  This is a cautionary tale about why you should NOT accept that candy cane.

Last week, the internet lost its mind over candy and novelty maker Archie McPhee's newest candy canes for 2018.  The bright yellow and white candy canes might look like a refreshing, lemon flavor but after one lick, you'll know that you were dead wrong about the flavor.  They're supposed to taste like one of your favorite childhood meals, mac and cheese! YUCK!

Don't get me wrong, I can still down an entire box of Kraft Spongebob Mac and Cheese (because everyone knows the best mac and cheese is the shaped kind) in one sitting, but the idea of mac and cheese candy makes my stomach churn.  I might be in the minority, because McPhee is limiting costumers to buying one box off their website due to extreme popularity.

Food flavored candy canes aren't anything new.  Last year, we had an office prankster who tricked me into eating a candy cane that I truly expected to be spearmint or green apple flavored.  Watch the video and see what happened when I became an unwilling victim!

Pickle?! I hate pickles and I couldn't get that taste out of my mouth for hours! And that's not where it ended.  He bought a fried chicken flavored ones yesterday and they taste like the smell of over ripe Thanksgiving leftovers.  It took me brushing my teeth three times before I could function again after voluntarily agreeing to try that one.

So...heads up. Think twice before accepting that candy cane from you co-worker.  Or if you are a prankster in your office, check out these four unique/kind of gross flavors of Candy Canes you can order on Amazon!

Image via Amazon/Accoutrements
Image via Amazon/Archie McPhee
Image via Amazon/Archie McPhee

Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes | $11.90/six Candy Canes

Image via Amazon/Archie McPhee

Accoutrements Gravy Candy Canes - 6ct | $7.29/six Candy Canes