Occasionally, you'll actually luck out in Boise traffic and stumble upon a clever personalized license plate. Perhaps it's one to make you chuckle while you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or maybe you and your friend make a joke about it while driving home from school.

Here's the thing. For every custom license plate you see, there are others who never made it. This article pays respect to those clever (and sometimes straight up nasty) personalized license plates that never came to be.

So what is and isn't allowed on an Idaho license plate? Here's what the Idaho Department of Transportation has to say:

Personalized plates, in any language, may not carry a sexual term that is vulgar, obscene, or in poor taste, and may not consist of a term that is considered to be one of obscenity, contempt, prejudice, hostility, insult, racial degradation, ethnic degradation, profanity, or vulgarity.

It looks like they're taking that stance pretty seriously. Some of these rejected license plate ideas we can see precisely why they wouldn't allow them, and others we think are overall kind of innocent. Here's some of our favorites they're rejected:









We're not even mad. Some of those are pretty clever.

Now that we know the parameters for what license plate texts the Idaho Department of Transportation will and won't accept, are you going to get one?

This writer promises not to be a j4ck455 if I see you out in traffic with your silly license plate.

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