Unless you hail from a stock of uncultured swine, there are certain things decent people just don't do. Before we explain our beef with some (not all) Idaho transplants, we need to be on the same page. Listed below are a few examples of behavior Idahoans think of as wildly ignorant, supremely annoying, or just plain disrespectful.

10 Things You Wouldn't Say or Do to a Stranger You Just Met

  • Tell a stranger how to raise their kids
  • Treat wait staff poorly
  • Disrespect their faith or political beliefs
  • Describe how unattractive they are
  • Criticize their income
  • Accuse them of something nefarious
  • Regard them as less-than for their gender
  • Mock the size or appearance of their home
  • Make fun of their differently-abledness
  • Assume the worst of them

Why then, do Idaho's newest transplants feel entitled to trounce on our way of living? 

The list of things you shouldn't do or say to a stranger speaks to the core idea of what new transplants shouldn't do when they move here. If you moved here to mock us, good luck making a house a home here. If you suffer from messiah complex and harbor an agenda to "enlighten" our "hedonistic" ideologies, swing away, padre.

Idaho was Idaho long before any of us came along. Before you judge us, get to know us. Learn who lives next door. Take time to see things from a different perspective. Hell, go to a rodeo and let the magic into your heart! Idahoans are some of the most welcoming Americans you'll ever meet. What's becoming increasingly frustrating, however, is the feeling that we're not welcome in our own state. And it's insanely irritating.

15 Things Idahoans Have to Explain to Out-Of-Towners

Idaho, The Gem State, Home. Whatever you call it, there is no question that it is a very special state. Idahoans, especially natives know these things to their core and sometimes get annoyed when it has to be explained over and over to non-Idahoans. This list was inspired from movoto.com.

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