It's that moment when you hear a lot about the Boise State Broncos. The posts are being crossposted, fans are reliving every win in history, and the "We'll be anybody, anytime and anyplace" chants have begun.

There is some truth to all that including the first game of the season coming up and why this single game is an indication of what's to come. Just ask the Oregon Ducks, Virginia Tech, Georgia, and the list of losing teams on game one versus the Broncos.

The First Boise State Game Matters Most - History Tells Us Why

The first game of this season could be everything based upon history. We know that energy is through the roof considering the only Broncos fans allowed last season were in the form of cardboard cutouts. This season's games are already selling fast like the Oklahoma State game.

The game you really have to keep an eye on is the first game of the season against UCF in Florida. ESPN gives the Broncos a 23.9% chance of winning this game and all eyes on this moment. History speaks loud when it comes to BSU season kickoff games. Take a look.

  • 2009 Oregon Ducks 19-8 (Win)
  • 2010 Virginia Tech 33-30 (Win)
  • 2011 Georgia 35-21 (Win)
  • 2012 Michigan State 13-17 (Loss)
  • 2013 Washington State 6-38 (Loss)
  • 2014 Ole Miss 13-35 (Loss)
  • 2015 Washington 16-13 (Win)
  • 2019 Florida State 36-31 (Win)

Those are some big teams with massive wins mostly on the road. When the Broncos start strong it usually ends with a big season-ending win at a bowl game. BSU will play UCF and that's no easy game on the road. UCF is the same team that went undefeated in 2017 winning the Peach Bowl over Auburn. They also went 12-1 in 2018 barely losing by a touchdown against LSU in 2018.

Pay close attention to this UCF game on Thursday night. Nobody has any idea what this team will look like with new coaches and players in 2021. One thing is for sure and that's the blue-collar mentality is still strong and it's good to have that underdog feeling again.

Game one will set the stage for the Broncos. If BSU wins over UCF in an upset, it's back for back-to-back games on the blue against UTEP and Oklahoma State who might be ranked. Get ready Bronco Nation because this could be another magical season. All eyes on game one.

The Disclaimer: The fans are invited in full this season, Albertson's stadium will be selling alcohol for the first time and no re-entry. All this if the game was held today. That could change if the Delta Variant because of a bigger threat in the next few days.

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