It's called "Idaho Free Day" and it could mean free skiing for you at the famous Tamarack Resort, just hours from Boise!

So, how can one get a free lift ticket to Tamarack before the season is over? 

First, you need to confirm that you have a valid season pass to one of these Idaho resorts, below: 

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If you're finding yourself in good graces so far-- with a valid season pass to one of the above ski resorts, than you're in great luck! The next step is the easy part. 

To redeem your free lift ticket from Tamarack, just present that valid season pass from the resort you currently are signed up with and the Tamarack Outfitters ticket desk-- right there in the Tamarack Village.

You have plenty of time to get up to Tamarack and hit the slopes--in fact, the offer begins on January 26th and will run through the very end of the season!

So what's behind the big, generous offer from the good folks up at Tamarack this winter? Well, they get the struggle.

After an unprecedented two years navigating a global pandemic, Tamarack understands that a lot of people simply haven't been able to get the amount of skiing in that they normally would. To add to that, the resort understands that many Idahoans who would normally take ski trips to other states may have had to limit their travels because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well.

While we're lucky to have Tamarack in our "backyard", more or less, the hope for many is that it can be a simple escape to their well-known slopes.

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