Does Your Christmas Include Church?
If the commercialization of Christmas is wearing on you, some Boise groups will get together next week and give you the chance to put some church back in it with the annual Downtown Boise Church Walk.
Run, Walk, or Stroll in Boise's Fit One
Even if you don't consider yourself to be a runner, you can totally do this. Fit One gives us the chance to run hard or take it easy, and it gets the whole family involved.

Oh, and if you think you can't run several miles all at once, think again. If I learned to do it, you can too!
Lame Man Walks Four Years After Severing Spinal Cord
(Watch, some goober is going to think this guy is the one)
A man with a completely severed spinal cord can now walk and feel again. For lack of layman terms, they used pre-boogers to make it happen.  Imagine if they can do that with pre-nasal drip, what can be done with earwax...