The Earliest Possible Date You Can Receive Your Tax Refund
If you're thinking about filing your taxes early, you're not alone. The first date you can send in your tax return is coming up next week, and with holiday bills to pay off, more people than ever will be jumping on it. If you file next week, you can expect your refund in early February.
The Average Tax Refund is Larger This Year
With all of the tax law changes we've been waiting to see how that impacts refunds this year, and out of the 53 million refunds issued so far, the average refund is a few dollars higher than last year. What people are spending refunds on may surprise you!
Boise Library Offering Free Tax Help
Despite stories about delays with refunds this year, most of the experts seem to think you'll get your tax refund within 21 days of the time you file.  And if taxes stress you out, you may be able to get some free help in Boise.
There Are Reasons To Be Happy About Taxes in Idaho
Here comes that tax deadline, which means it's peak demand time and accountants might be charging more than they did earlier in the tax season.  It's true.
But overall, Idahoans are a lot better off than people in other states when it comes to taxes.
Hear The IRS Scam Call, Here
I was at Axiom in Meridian yesterday, when I got a scam call (Silly Scammers)  so I recorded the call and then proceeded to call both the number they left.
Happy Tax Day it’s Getting Late!
What you may not know is you can file for an extension to pay your taxes.  Sounds pretty cool, but you’re still going to have to get on it!
According to the Idaho State Tax Commission’s website:
“To qualify, they need to pay either an estimated 80% of the tax they owe for the current tax year or 100% …