Prioritize Your Facebook
So you're a 107.9 Lite FM fan, but Facebook won’t let you stay up to the minute on all that’s happening? We feel your pain, but now there’s a way to make sure 107.9 Lite FM is your top priority.
Facebook users can now prioritize their news feed to …
The Top 10 Movies and TV Shows of 2014 According to Facebook
It’s that time of the year, when pop culture websites and critics publish their annual Best Of lists and we heap praise on the best and most beloved movies and TV shows of the year. But what about the average moviegoer and TV-viewer? That’s where Facebook comes in. The social media sit…
Say Thanks via Facebook
November is a month where many of us add a note of thanks and end it with the hashtag #30daysofgratitude or #thanks or whatever else we can come up with. Facebook has noticed our month-long thanks and has given us an opportunity to create a short video for one or all of our friends.
See How The Years Flew By
Brenda for some reason was looking at her high school class from Facebook.  I must admit there isn't another woman she went to school with that can hold a candle to her, but it made me look at my class.  Woooooooopsy, bad move.
Some of the very people I thought would change the world l…
Facebook for wealthy people
I was scanning news, like usual, when I came across this article.
Click Here To See The Facebook For Really Rich People
Somehow even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't do it.  I guess I can figure out way better things to do with nine grand a year...
When a Like is a Lie!
Most of were raised to believe that telling a lie is a bad thing!  Now researchers are saying that telling a little white lie here and there may be a good thing and in fact in could strengthen your relationships!   "Pro-Social Lying" or the "little white lie…

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