Boise is a Hotspot for Home Brewers
The craft brew industry has exploded over the past few years, and Idaho brewers are cranking out some pretty amazing stuff.
See where Boise lands on the list of the best home brewing cities in the US.
Craft Beer Industry is Growing in Boise
Some say the craft beer industry caters to men, and that the industry should work on attracting a more diverse fan base.  Does it really matter?  We wonder what Treasure Valley craft brewers think.
Idaho Brewers Score Prestigious Beer Awards
It turns out beer can make both the drinker and the brewer pretty happy.
One Boise brewery continues to rake in the honors, just recently picking up the most awards at a prestigious Idaho awards show.  And they weren't alone with the honors.  Check out which other Boise breweries earne…
And the Most Popular Beer in Idaho Is...
Warning.  This may be offensive to some.  Although we've got some great craft breweries here, the favorite beer in Idaho is made somewhere else.  See if you agree.
With St. Patty's Day tomorrow, we're feeling the need to obsess a little bit over brews, so here we go.

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