Here in the Treasure Valley, we love our pets. It is simply SO obvious. Spend any amount of time on our greenbelts that run through Boise or Nampa and you are bound to see pet-loving families, runners, bicyclists, and more--everywhere. Hit a patio in the Treasure Valley and you'll see water bowls out for visiting dogs. Out local animal societies do great work.

So, why is this recent national survey a total slap in the face to Idaho pet owners?

According to the survey, Idaho is the fourth least "pet loving" state in the entire United States.

Sorry, what!?

Things like pet protection laws in each respective state, amount of rentals that allow pets and the restrictions around them, as well as pet population were all taken into account for this survey. How is a pet population even tabulated?

The survey lists Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Nevada and Vermont as the best, respectively.

Down at the bottom, Idaho is only trailed by Connecticut, Montana, and New Mexico, respectively.


You can read the entire survey for yourself including the methodology behind it, HERE

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