First of all, I think you look great, fantastic and wonderful being you. Weight it a hard thing to conquer and we all struggle with it at some point or another. This study that Wallethub does year over year is showing Idaho going in the wrong direction when it comes to health and weight. In 2020 Idaho was the 8th LEAST overweight or obese state in the country. Not to shabby. More recently study shows that not being the case anymore. Here is more from that study, followed by a more recent one that shows the big gain...

Least Overweight and Obese from 2020 study, newer below...

1. Colorado
They also top the nation in the lowest percentage of physically inactive adults. They make minimizing childhood obesity a states top priority and it shows.

2. Utah
Utah our nearby southern pals are fit as a fiddle and are among the leaders in the struggle against childhood obesity.  Utah is also in the top five states with the lowest percentage of adults who have Type 2 diabetes.

3. Hawaii
I have never been to Hawaii but it seems like it would be a hard place to be huge in, If I was wearing swimsuits almost every day I would probably be persuaded to work out a little more often. They also are high up in rankings for keeping childhood obesity in check.

4. Montana
Montana's in the top 10 for states with the lowest percentage of obese children and among the five best with adults with low cholesterol. Keep it up cowboys.

5. Massachusetts
This state seems to have the superfoods down to a science. Adults have no problems forking over the greens and that is keeping their weight and overall health in check.

6. Oregon
I lived in Oregon for almost a decade and did all of the 'Oregony" things, biked to work, hiked, paddle boarded, kayaked, running, and all around staying super physically active outside. That is pretty much what every other Oregonian does and that is what gets Oregon the fifth ranked in the nation for lowest percentage of physically inactive adults.

7. Minnesota
Minnesota is among the top five states for lowest percentage of adults suffering from high blood pressure. Hey, hey, take that win Minnesota and keep it up.

8. Idaho
Here we go Idaho! We did pretty darn good making 8th on the list. Although we didn't get any specific shutouts from the WalletHub study as to why but we know its because we love the outdoors, ourselves and our state. Rock on Idaho :)

So this all looks great right... well, I circled back to see if things changed, and they did. The most recent study done shows Idaho slipping back to the 37th most obese state. Or 13th least dropping five state ranking.

Now rankings for least overweight states go: Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, Hawaii,  Minnesota, Vermont, New York, Arizona, California, Montana, Washington, Connecticut, Nevada, and then Idaho.

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