The chances are most of us will never play golf courses like Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines, never mind the dream of playing a famous Scottish links or European course!

However thanks to technology there is an opportunity to feel like your playing a world famous golf course on a simulator.

Okay, I know it's not like the real thing. Or is it? Modern simulators not only make you feel like your there but they feed you with game information you can use when you play outdoors.

The Back 9 Indoor Golf facility in the Overland shopping mall between Curtis and Cole in Boise is now open and they have more than 60 golf courses you can play and more on the way.

Owner Chad Evans tells me simulator golf has a lot of benefits other than just seeing what it would be like to play a famous course. During your round the simulator tells you critical information like how far you hit the ball, accuracy, touch.

How many of us really know how far we hit a 7-iron every time. The pros do, I for one can hit a 7-iron 50 yards to 150yards. The simulator lets you know every time just how far you hit your club and that knowledge will become invaluable on a real course.

Plus, Evans says he can set up wind, elevation whatever it takes to make it like the real experience.

The simulator shows you ball flight. Something was wrong with my simulator however because it always showed my ball moving hard left to right.....I mean hard left to right!

Honestly I didn't need a simulator to tell me a had a slice but on the other hand, seeing the flight of the ball on the screen was very helpful in correcting issue. Even better, I never lost one golf ball!!

The Back 9 Indoor Golf facility just opened this month and if you want a different type of business luncheon how about playing three holes during the noon hour at Torrey Pines and the boss will never know....Heck, take the boss!

There isn't a golf facility like this in Boise with the simulator technology so modern it may well change your game.

In fact, that's The Back 9 Indoor Golf motto, Changing the way you play the game.


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