A year ago, if you were to ask Idahoan's about Russia-- aside from Vladimir Putin, "vodka" would have been a popular answer and the country is known so well for their affinity for the hard liquor.

Did you know that in the United States, there are plenty of Russian-made vodka options that are sold on shelves?

Popular Russian Vodka Brands You Might See in Idaho

When it comes to vodka in the State of Idaho, there are a lot of great options including many that are made right here in the state. Some of these options are even based from our special, Idaho-grown potatoes. There are plenty of Russian-made vodkas available, as well.

Did you recognize any of these popular Russian vodka brands? 

One Boise bar is stepping up and taking a stand against the inhumane actions of Russia's attack on Ukraine-- even from all of these miles away.

In a post recently shared by The Somewhere Bar, they said:

While it is only the smallest thing we can do, the people of Somewhere decided to pull from our inventory all Russian made products during in our team discussion today.
Our hearts go out to our family and their families who are impacted and harmed in this aggression.
This decision was warmly accepted in the comments by fans of the bar, as well.
The Somewhere Bar here in Boise isn't the only establishment taking a stand against Russian Vodka and other products. This is actually a trend that we are seeing more and more of across the United States amid the conflict in Ukraine.
Headlines from Utah, Portland, Pennsylvania, and Kansas have all shared the same message: Russian vodka has been removed from their shelves. These moves play into the power of how one small action can make a difference and send a message.
We fully expect to see more Boise area bars boycott these products and commend The Somewhere Bar for leading the charge!

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