There is no shortage of food options in the Treasure Valley, that is for certain. Options are quite diverse if you go looking and with an area as rich in history and legacy as the Treasure Valley, there are some "local favorites" that stand out far more than the rest.

When it comes to burgers specifically--there are a lot of options in and around the Boise area..

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Sometimes, however, it's about more than a crazy burger-- you just want a classic, All-American cheeseburger and that's where the magic of a drive-in comes into play.

Crazy burgers aside, we like to cheers or shakes to the art of making a simple, classic burger and no--not from a chain. There are far too many local options for that.

If you were to drive out to Nampa, you may hear about Wheelers and their "long" hamburger (that's a locals-only tip for you to investigate if you're a transplant).  In Caldwell, there's another favorite: Jack's Drive In.

As shared on their Facebook page today, Jack's Drive In isn't closing, but they ARE handing off "the spatula", to quote them directly. New ownership will be taking over the popular Caldwell burger spot and we love that the current owner shared that this is exactly what happened to them, many years ago.

We know that a business like this isn't handed off to just anyone--so Jack's will remain a Caldwell staple. Locals and regulars have shared in the comments, however, how much they'll miss the great times. One user wrote:

So sad I won’t see you when I come to Jacks Drive In when I come to town! Thank you for providing a great part-time job for many a teen-ager! I have fond memories of my time there and am grateful for your example and what I learned from you and Mike. You will be missed! I’m glad to hear you are passing the spatula on! God bless!


No word yet on who the new owners are, but you can check out Jack's Drive In on Facebook, HERE.

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