In case you have forgotten, November 11th is Veterans Day and there's never a better time to thank a veteran in your life or community. Established in 1954, the day is set to honor and remember the veterans that have fought for our nation's freedom. To look back over the years and see the threats, even in modern history, that have faced our nation--it's a true privilege to be able to sleep at night, as a civilian, knowing that there are and have been men and women taking the call at all hours of the day to keep us safe.

Not only is this a time for us as individuals to thank a veteran in our lives--but many businesses step up to give back to our veterans during this time of year as well. While national chains usually offer discounts and promotions, it's local businesses that always blow us away with their generosity.

A popular Boise drive in, Tiki Teriyaki - Burger Timehas announced they'll be giving back in a big way: every veteran that goes by on Veterans Day (Friday, November 11th) will receive a FREE Tiki Burger. 

Burger Time is open from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and offer is limited to one burger per veteran--and of course, the veteran must be present.



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