A podcast with over 575,000 followers on YouTube has made some bold statements about dating and the State of Idaho recently that many have a lot of comments about. Is dating in Idaho really that difficult and is the "dating pool" really that shallow?

According to some, dating an Idahoan comes with a lot that you should know.. 

10 Things to Know About Dating an Idahoan

If you are dating an Idahoan or in an Idaho relationship here are a few things you should know. These are based off of my experiences and inspired by Movoto.com

But is this national podcast just "generalizing" about Idaho-- or are they onto something? Do they really understand Idahoans!? 

The podcast argues that with the rise in prominence of major social media platforms like Instagram-- the need to date people "around you" is no longer there. Now more than ever, according to these guys, younger women are finding what they want in older, wealthier men all across the country. Along with this argument, it seems to be implied that there must not be good looking men that also have money in Idaho, as well.

How old are we? Are we REALLY dissecting THIS, with everything else going on in the world?

We should note that the podcast, which promotes "Womanizer Wednesday" really isn't the most appropriate show.  Some might even call the show misogynistic--it is definitely abrasive.

Are men in Idaho being "one-up'd" by Instagram guys living in places like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles?

We even asked some Treasure Valley locals about their "Boise Dating" deal-breakers...

Do You Share These Dating Deal-Breakers with the People of Boise?

Boiseans took to social media to share their deal-breakers. Do you agree or disagree with these dating deal-breakers?

Are these things legit and could people be fleeing Idaho to date because of them!? 

Clearly, the dudes on this podcast don't know the first thing about Idaho and just assumed that we're some "middle of nowhere" piece of land where there's nothing new, fun, or exciting. Little do they know that for years, Boise has been among the fastest growing cities in America--bringing in an influx of young professionals.

If you wish to brave through the 26-minute-long video for yourself, you can see it, below:

Are Idaho's Senior Singles Getting Freaky?

Well, here's something you probably never thought you would find yourself wondering: where in the United States are the most SENIOR CITIZENS getting freaky? A recent survey put together a list of the BEST places for senior singles-- Idaho is looking pretty good, too. Take a look for yourself, below:

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