If you're the type of person who tears up every time you hear our national anthem, one look at this photo will give you goosebumps. 

For Amanda Reallan, Wednesday afternoon began in a way that was pretty similar to your own Wednesday afternoon.  She pulled into Hayden Meadows Elementary School and waited patiently for her kids to be done with class for the day.  It's what she saw while sitting in the parking lot that was a little out of the ordinary in the most heart warming way.

It was a windy day and she saw three fifth grade boys struggling to take the American flag off the school's flag pole.  After a few unsuccessful attempts to fold it and some close calls where the flag almost hit the cement, one of the boys decided to lay down underneath it while his friends folded it above him.

When asked why he laid down under the flag, Jack LeBreck told KHQ-TV that letting it touch the ground was a sign of disrespect for the country and the boys, all of whom are involved in cub scouts, couldn't let that happen.

In their interview with reporters, the boys recognized and thanked their school custodian and Air Force veteran, Mr. Mac for selecting them for the honor of taking care of the school flag.

Reallan's picture of the special moment has been shared more than 21,000 times since she posted it on Facebook.

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